Saturday, January 31, 2009

Are we ready yet?

Tomorrow morning is the day we want to leave EARLY on our escape from this snowy northern winter in the Silver Dog house.

It is late and we are nearly ready to leave but still have some major things to do tomorrow morning. Put the mattress back in the trailer and make the bed. Move food from the fridge in the house into the trailer. Load the bicycle into the back of the truck.

Then we are good to go and praying for good roads all the way to Austin. We are getting apprehensive about taking a trip this time of year and Dick has already sworn we will not do it again.

Pray for us we will need it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am finding it difficult to "be creative" everyday. Or at least I am having difficulty labeling the things I do that may be and I don't notice. At the least I have created some grand dinner salads recently. In an attempt to continue work on a lap throw I am making out of scraps of yarn, I have bought three new crochet hooks this week. Three not because I needed three but because, first I could not find the stash I have somewhere in the house, and second because I lost the first one I bought in two days. So with the replacement I bought a second for insurance.

Then this evening in ANOTHER snow storm I found God's creative hand had etched mountain scapes of snow on the windows of out poor cold Silver Dog House who is just itching to be in a warmer climate, just like we are.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Does going through old pictures of my own wedding count as creative?
Even in black and white we look like this was the 70s!
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Creative E-Cards

If you are reading this post you have probably received a greeting card that I sent from the Jacquielan Lawson, web page. Jacquie is an English lady that does wonderful E-Cards. If you like them, they are not expensive and you can get to her site from the banner at the bottom of the page or the Card of the Month on my sidebar.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Being Creative Today

We went to the annual after Christmas sale at Past Tense, as we do every year. This picture of the clear pink ball is the only picture of one of the new ornaments that I like - so far. I am not done trying.

I think probably a lot of my attempts at Being Creative Every Day will involve my camera. I love playing with the digital camera because there is no waste of film if the pictures do not turn out.
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Creative Every Day

Last year I tried the challenge to post every day. I did not succeed. When we travel it just is not possible to post every day and when we got home I never got back in the swing of every day posting.

Now I have found a new challenge to be Creative Every Day. It tickles my creative side. I love the idea of trying to be creative in some way every day by cooking a good dinner, or baking, or crafting, of finding a way to add exercise to my life or.. or.. or..

So here begins a new challenge on New Years Day.

I will decide how to post, whether to create lists each week or just write a paragraph or two of my attempts to meet the challenge, or post a photo of my attempts. That I will decide when it is time to post. I am looking forward to this challenge because there are so many ways to be creative.